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Little Billy 8 years ago
Grandma you promised me you were going to quit smoking.
duck 12 years ago
she sounds like a duck when moaning
luvsex 12 years ago
she sounds like she smokes 4 packs a day ,she looks like shes not enjoying it
FLAT 12 years ago
........Some women NEED to have breast implants......
lold 13 years ago
she sounds like a gay retard
Moltar 12 years ago
She sounds like a paddock!
wow 11 years ago
i love her i could give a lot to fist her ass and suck her soft pussy
andre 12 years ago
that guy s so lucky
uhm.. no. 13 years ago
her noises made me turn off the sound.
and what's with all the water, anyway.. wasting it like that is just plain ignorant.
hmmm 13 years ago
thats a little weird